Is it abuse?

It can be hard to tell if we're in an abusive relationship. It's common to think "Maybe we're just fighting a lot" or "Maybe my partner just has a lot of unresolved pain and anger from childhood" or "Maybe I did something to anger them." Therapy can help you determine whether you're experiencing abuse and what to do about it.

You need support.

Talking to friends and family about suspected abuse can be really scary. You might be worried about what they'll think of your partner if you share something out of context -- after all, you know your partner best and they might not understand. It can help to work with a trained professional who will not judge you (or your partner) or put pressure on you.

What if you leave?

If you do choose to leave your partner, it's important to have guidance from someone who's been there. I know what it's like to leave an abusive partner because I've actually done it. I can help you identify resources to take advantage of, encourage you to summon the strength to make the tough decision and guide you in rebuilding your life.


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